Veolia Foundation

In France and abroad the Veolia Foundation supports non-profit general interest projects that contribute to the sustainable development of the territories. Its priority areas of intervention are humanitarian emergency and development aid, support for employment and social links, protection of the environment and biodiversity.

Its originality lies in supporting each project through a sponsor, a Group employee, and in encouraging skills sponsorship, thus bringing its partners, associations and institutions the expertise of the volunteers in the Veoliaforce network.

Since it was set up in 2004, the Foundation has helped more than 1,350 projects and carried out nearly 150 skills sponsorship missions.

Humanitarian & Development

Social & Employment

Environment & Biodiversity

Humanitarian & Development - Congo

To give 8,700 people access to drinking water in a district in Brazzaville

In Kombé, a district in the south of Brazzaville, 8,700 people no longer have access to water since the source that was formerly used became blocked. The student engineers of the TR Monde association will rehabilitate the gravity fed drinking water system. They won the public’s prize at the Student Solidarity Awards in 2018.

Social & Employment - Madagascar

How a low quality alcoholic drink becomes a medical product used by health structures in Madagascar 

By organizing processing of a low-quality alcoholic beverage into denatured medical alcohol in a rural region of Madagascar, the ITD Monde association is developing a both useful and profitable economic sector and raising awareness of the dangers of alcoholism.

Environment and biodiversity

To make plastic pollution known and mobilize in large numbers

Plastic pollution in the oceans is becoming a topic of global concern. Along with its partners Tara and Prince Albert II of Monaco, the Veolia Foundation plays its part by supporting three initiatives to study this important environmental issue and raise awareness among the general public.