HR policy

As a leader in sustainable development, Veolia has a responsibility to pursue an effective, ambitious employee relations model and make it a reality. The model reflects the company’s focus on people, an approach that unites employees around core values crucial to the present, while planning for the future of its employees, customers and the world.


Affirming our Human Resources policy

Veolia's performance in Africa is partly dependent on its ability to attract and retain talent. Our employees are committed to managing our activities on a daily basis, contributing to the company's performance and serving the people.

Our employees are committed to managing our operations, contributing to corporate performance and assisting the populations on a daily basis. Their skills and technical knowledge represent the main assets of our company. We are constantly training our employees to guarantee their employability. We are proud to be able to guarantee good living, working and professional development conditions for our employees, regardless of their location and hierarchical level.


Betting on a policy to improve local skills

We involve local contributors to prepare and implement strategies to improve local skills. By adapting and assimilating its methods and expertise, Veolia holds the real keys to success. We grant priority to developing skills and helping to create a corporate culture based on learning, to promote independence and social cohesion. Applying a formal continuous development training plan is critical in all of our partner firms. The training plan mainly focuses on the following strategic lines, regardless of the country: Operational Excellence, Customers, Corporate Social Responsibility, Quality, Health, Health & Safety and the Environment and New Information and Communication Technologies.

Targets :

  • Improve the skills of employees.
  • Help to develop corporate culture.
  • Support Group performance.
  • Guarantee a healthy and safe working environment.
Veolia has pledged to provide even better protection to all employees against occupational risks and improve safety in the workplace.
Veolia offers you sustainable jobs in local jobs, whatever your background, age and profile.