Health and safety

Veolia has pledged to provide even better protection to all employees against occupational risks and improve safety in the workplace. In Africa, more than 60 hours of training for employees were devoted in 2018 to occupational health and safety. The strengthening of prevention, accident analysis and social dialogue on health and safety are included in all agreements relating to health, safety and working conditions signed within the Group.



Veolia is well aware improving its employees’ health and safety at work benefits both company performance and employee well-being. The company has adopted Prevention, Health and Safety as a major ongoing goal for its businesses and general management made a renewed commitment to these measures as a lever for change. The aim is to strengthen the initiative, support the efforts already underway and involve all employees at every level of the organization as well as outside stakeholders, in order to ensure their physical safety and mental well-being. More than just a strategy, Prevention, Health and Safety are an integral part of all the company’s fundamental activities and processes.