AMENDIS: Improving Access to Clean Water and Sewage Services - Tangiers & Tetouan, Morocco

SOCIAL CONNECTION PROGRAM A survey of the cities of Tangiers and Tetouan, conducted by Amendis in conjunction with the Awarding Authority, identified 66,000 households lacking in clean water and sewage infrastructure. These households are spread across 277 neighborhoods. The population, estimated at 330,000 inhabitants, had no access to clean water and wastewater was discharged directly into the natural surroundings.

Subsidiary of Veolia Maroc, Amendis is a public service operator responsible since 2002 for the distribution of drinking water and electricity, as well as the collection and treatment of wastewater for 1.8 million inhabitants of the region. of Tangier-Tetouan. The activities are structured around 3 expertises :

Water Distribution

Electricity Distribution

Wastewater collection and treatment


Actor development of the region, Amendis has carried out major works to strengthen the basic infrastructure and support the urban and economic development of the cities of Tangier and Tetouan.


The “Social Connection” operation under the INDH (Moroccan National Human Development Initiative) provides low-income households in poorly equipped areas with access to essential clean water and sewage services.
This huge program, launched in 2006 in Tangiers and Tetouan, was developed in partnership with the Awarding Authority and will be rolled out until 2016.

The program includes:

  • Marketing by a mobile agency dealing with all the administration
  • Payment facilities for up to 10 years


It allows 33,400 households in Tangiers and 21,800 in Tetouan to be connected, i.e. an overall population of 276,000 people spread over 277 neighborhoods.


The program is part of a global trend towards sustainable development and aims to improve the living conditions of the inhabitants. It has enabled:

  • Fast and secure access to clean water
  • Waste to be removed from the natural surroundings while preserving the environment
  • Improved living conditions for citizens
  • Guaranteed hygiene and disease prevention

2,200 employees

276,000 people

connected to clean water and sewage services

Nearly 1 million customers provided with electricity