Our solutions in Namibia

Create new resources to secure Windhoek’s drinking water supply


In Windhoek, Veolia has been managing the Goreangab wastewater recycling plant since 2002 in partnership with VA Tech Wabag.

The facility recycles huge volumes of water coming from the Gammam wastewater plant for more than 400, 000 inhabitants. After a very complex treatment process, this wastewater is transformed into drinking water. 

This alternative solution makes it possible both to secure the city's drinking water supply and answer major environmental challenges: 

  • preventing natural resources depletion
  • reducing significantly polluting discharges

This solution is all the more remarkable as quality standards are very high because of the significant level of water pollution. 

To this day, only Windhoek, Singapore and the Orange County in California (United States) produce drinking water directly from wastewater. Thus, the Namibian capital constitutes a global benchmark in this regard.


Key figures

  • Efficiency: more than 400 000 inhabitants provided with drinking water 
  • Performance: production capacity of 21 000 m3/day
  • Contribution to the city's population water supply: + 6% per year



Discover how Veolia turns Windhoek wastewater into drinking water