Our vision

The African continent is overflowing with challenges and opportunities. Towns in Africa come with many factors and challenges: fast urbanization, population growth, climate change and the depletion of natural resources. Towns must now become the driving forces behind a sustainable social and economic transformation to the benefit of all.
In barely a decade, Africa has established itself as a continent of growth, investment and appeal. The African population is expected to increase by 1 billion inhabitants by 2050, and is preparing to face an unprecedented urban and agricultural revolution. Furthermore, Africa is in full blown urban transition, and rethinking the "African town" is now mandatory.

The big picture 

Present in

15 countries

in Africa

160 years

of experience worldwide

Over 6700

employees in Africa

Our water service, sewerage, waste and energy management services all contribute to the social and economic development of African towns and industries while protecting the environment and combating pollution.