For cities

Contributing to the economic and social development of the population 


For 165 years, Veolia has supported towns in managing and optimizing their water, material and energy resources. Veolia provides solutions which help improve access to resources, as well as protecting and renewing these resources, thereby boosting their environmental, economic and social efficiency. 

In Africa, the considerable growth recorded by towns is not sufficiently supported by the infrastructures required to attract companies to the regions and by acceptable living conditions for all population groups. Urban expansion and rising population figures will inevitably lead to tension in towns. Tension will arise over resources, primarily drinking water, followed by the environmental and sanitary consequences of discharging wastewater. The latter will increase in proportion to the number of inhabitants and the volume of water used.

With population boom, rapid urbanisation and growing environmental awareness, Veolia support the African cities development and change through performance or operating contracts to improve significantly the quality and efficiency of water, waste and energy services. 

Our solutions 

Help the cities address urban sprawl and population growth
Increase access to water in Niger
Create new resources to secure Windhoek's drinking water supply